Optional SAQ Training 8 Sessions

SAQ Training for the AJV South Veritas team.  There will be a total of 8 sessions beginning Jan. 4, 2021 and ending on Feb. 22, 2021.  Trainers will focus on improving vertical jump, speed and quickness, and overall strength.  

Base Cost: $80.00

2021 Winter Youth Academy (Feb.3-Mar. 10)

Athletes will go through repetitive skills training to reinforce muscle memory through each skill of volleyball. They execute each skill and begin to be prepared for the club level. Athletes will be put into a competitive environment so they can better their skills along with the pace of the game.


When: February 5th- March 11th


Where: CTX Fieldhouse 


Who: 4th-8th Graders


Cost: $150


*No refunds for any unattended clinic dates or cancellations within 7 days of first session.

Base Cost: $125.00

Opened: 01/16/2021